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Bullet NICE Healthcare databases - NHS Athens account required
Search Medline, EMBASE, PsycINFO, British Nursing Index (BNI), CINAHL, AMED, Emcare and HMIC which cover the whole spectrum of medicine, denitistry, healthcare and management. Contains information on accessing the fulltext of the references that you find. If you need any help doing a literature search, you can use our step-by-step guide to doing a literature search or you should feel free to contact us.

Bullet PubMed - No password required for access
The public version of the Medline database. A useful place for a quick search but we believe that there better places to look for in depth literature searching. It also doesn't contain information on how to get access to the full-text of articles.

Bullet NICE Evidence Search - No password required for access
A single seach point which will find "selected and authoritative health and social care evidence-based information". Some videos designed to help people use this resource can be found here on YouTube.

Bullet TRIP - No password required for access
Single search point that allows you to find high quality evidence as quickly as possible. Read more information about TRIP.

BulletTransfusion Evidence Library (Transfusion medicine) - No password required for access
A database of systematic reviews and randomised controlled trials that are relevant to transfusion medicine.

BulletPEDro (Physiotherapy) - No password required for access
PEDro (Physiotherapy Evidence Database) is a specialist database of randomised trials, reviews and guidelines in the field of physiotherapy.

Bullet OTseeker (Occupational Therapy) - No password required for access
OTseeker (Occupational Therapy Systematic Evaluation of Evidence) is a database of resources, including randomised controlled trials and systematic reviews, related to occupational therapy.

Bullet DORIS (Stroke research) - Free registration process required
DORIS (Database Of Research In Stroke) is a database of guidelines, systematic reviews, randomised controlled trials and ongoing research related to stroke.

Bullet ERIC (Education Resource Information Center) - No password required
Journal articles, reports and conference papers on education and related fields. Material in ERIC is addedd after it has been through a formal review process.

Bullet FDAAA Trials Tracker - No password required
This database lists clinical trials that have not yet reported their results so that it is easier to find this unpublished evidence.

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